Running the sanctuary. What does it cost?

It costs roughly £600 a year to care for each donkey and we have 120 donkeys on site to look after. To keep the sanctuary running and allow us to give the best possible care to all our donkeys, we rely on donations. We appreciate donations of any amount, but to give you an idea of how much some of the regular costs are we’ve given examples below of what various donations would buy.

£5 buys…

Bale of Hay for the Donkeys

Bale of Hay

There are 8 slices to one bail of hay. The donkeys eat 1 slice a day in the summer. 1/2 a slice morning and evening. This is doubled in the winter when they are not eating grass

£10 buys…

Bags of Donkey Feed

Donkey Feed

Mollichaff donkey feed gives the donkeys all the vitamins and iron they need. They have 1lb of Mollichaff a day in the summer, and 2lb a day in the winter.

£30 buys…

Farrier at Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary

Farrier Visit

The donkeys need the farrier to visit every 10 weeks, to have their feet trimmed and cleaned. The farrier will also check for seed toe and abscesses.

£60 buys…

Dentist working on a Donkey

Dentist Visit

The dentist will visit 2 twice a year for an old donkey, if a donkey has problem teeth, then they will visit more often. The dentist will visit once a year if the donkey has good teeth. They also check the mouth as a whole.

Support Ideas

We are always open to new ideas of fund raising. So if you have a light bulb moment, please feel free to get in touch.

Make A Donation

Every donation counts to the well-being of the donkeys. Whether, adopting a donkey, cash/card on the day of your visit, or any of the four above.

Share With Others

Please always share our information with others, through word of mouth or online. The more people know about us, the better for the donkeys.

Where your donation goes?

The donkeys welfare comes first, and your donation helps us to look after the donkeys.

How do I donate?
You can donate online, through our website; adopt a donkey; send a cheque to the office; give cash on your visit; by bank transfer. Don’t forget if you are eligible to select Gift Aid as this increases your donation by 25% at no cost to you.
What will my donation support?
Your donation will support the overall welfare of the donkeys, including feeds, farrier, vets etc.
Do you accept one off donations?
We are more than happy to accept one-off donations. You can send a cheque, give cash when visiting us, arrange a Legacy, or adopt a donkey.
Will I receive a receipt for my contribution?
For larger amounts of donations, we always send out a letter of thanks. If you have filled a collecting tin you will receive a receipt. If you donate on your visit and ask for a receipt, then we will gladly provide one.
Can I help in other ways?
You can volunteer, as we always need more volunteers; you can buy items from the shop; fundraise for the sanctuary; have a collecting tin; donate items for our tabletop sales.
How can I cancel my online donation?

The Sanctuary cannot cancel your online donation. You have to contact your bank/building society to cancel the payment.